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Top 10 Formal Clothing Stores in Toronto

Sharanya Shrivastava



Finding clothes for a black-tie occasion is not tough in Toronto. There are a lot of stores dedicated strictly to formal clothing, along with many popular retail shops having separate formal clothing departments for the customers to choose from. Be it a wedding, graduation or the much-awaited prom, a great tux or that perfect dress can be found with nearly no difficulty. The customers have an array of choices ranging from big brands to independent stores who curate local and small scale designers. Here are the top 10 formal clothing stores in Toronto for your next shopping spree:

  1. Madeline’s: This store is a dream come true for your inner princess. The store houses major brands like Jovani and Tadashi Sohi, among many others. The dresses here have all the lace, tulle and delicate embroidery and embellishments, and there is something so charming about them that they hit all the right glamour notes.
  2. Lost and Found: This is by far the most sought-after men’s clothing store in Toronto. They provide online services as well, which have received excellent reviews from customers. They have a wide variety of clothes to select from, and the staff is very friendly, prompt and supportive.
  3. Pearls and Pockets: For those of you interested in the fashion of the 50’s and ’60s, this place is perfect. The store is jam-packed with beaded and fringed dresses. The work on them is so beautiful and detailed, it will surely be hard to resist taking everything home. A small section in the store contains authentic vintage pieces; a true delight for collectors and enthusiasts.
  4. Andrew’s Formal Rentals: In case you don’t have the budget to get a new tux, or need it for one occasion only and are not keen on buying it, this place is godsent. This store is especially popular among wedding parties and groomsmen. The staff is efficient and friendly, which is a great help in case you are in a hurry. If there are any problems with the fittings, they are remedied in time and effectively. The rates are reasonable, which is always a welcome feature.
  5. Rent Frock Repeat: Looking like a movie star at the big event is no more a problem. This place houses the most sought-after labels and rents them at a fraction of the original price. Dresses from designers like David Dixon and Greta Constantine will make you look like you’ve just walked out of a fashion magazine. The store offers an imaginative range of dresses at affordable prices, which is a total win.
  6. Carmen’s Designs: This store offers formal clothing for girls and boys in all sizes. Finding formals for children and young teens can be a tough and tricky business, but this place makes the process so much easier. They have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. The store can easily be browsed through, which makes finding the perfect outfit a lot easier. The reasonable prices will make you come back again for the next big event.
  7. Original: This clothing store surely lives up to its name. At display here is such a huge range of colors and patterns, that selecting one may be a trickier business than imagined. This place has shoes, handbags, and other accessories along with clothes, which will help put together a look meant for the runway.
  8. John Ferrigamo Custom Designs: Boasting of experience in clothe-making of nearly 35 years, this store is perfect for those who like formals made to fit. An appointment can be obtained easily, and the staff is well trained and very welcoming. The process of choosing the right fabric and getting it stitched in a desired pattern and fit will leave you with a piece that is uniquely yours.
  9. Saks Fifth Avenue: Housing the highest of high-end brands, this place screams luxury and glamour. It has the most famous designers like Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa on display, which makes walking into the store feel like walking into a Vogue magazine. This place is ideal for getting a dress for a red carpet event.
  10. Black Bow Formalwear and Suits: In case you forgot to get a suit for that big event, you can stop by and rent a suit here at the last minute. This store specializes in sales and rentals of men’s formal wear. They provide rentals and sales for tuxedos for events such as weddings, confirmations, communions, black tie events and other things of that nature where formal wear is needed.

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11 Fun Trips To Experience Which Are Less Than 3 Hours Away From Ottawa

Anushka Sharma



Canada’s capital may be all fun and games, but it’s never a bad idea to pack one’s bags and escape the hustle-bustle of the city. Hence, if you’re looking for something on similar lines, then this is the article for you. All these places are less than three hours away from the city, hence saving you the problem of travelling far and wide in search of solace.


1) Merrickville

This is the place to be at for all the shopaholics, and the crystal lovers can head to Wick Witch for some hunt. This place has a ton of pretty places to shop from.

Price: Free

Address: Merrickville, ON


2) Omega Park

Taking a car tour of the park will also help you befriend some furry little animals.

Price: $33.05

Address: 399 QC-323, Montebello, QC


3) Dark Sky Viewing Area in Erinsville

Gaze at the beauty of the sky during the night at the most southerly part in Ontario. It’s definitely worth a visit for all the stargazers.

Price: Free

Address: 7980 Lennox and Addington County Rd. 41, Erinsville, ON


4) Almonte River park

Wandering around the Almonte river park will help you come cross gorgeous cute little shops that can aid your bug for shopping too.

Price: Free

Address: 14 Bridge St., Almonte, ON


5) Foley Mountain, Westport.

Price: $7 day pass

Address: Foley Mountain Ln., Westport, ON

One can always enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Rideau waterway some distance away from the attraction point in Foley Mountain Conservation Area.

6) Perth, Ontario

This town has an extremely European appeal to it and is very charming for all visitors. It makes you feel like you’re spending your day in Europe.

Price: Free

Address: Perth, ON


7) South Stormont

One can always pack their bags and travel to this beautiful drive crossing 11 islands. At the time, this particular spot is open for drive-through access with some spots open during the day as well.

Price: Free to drive

Address: South Stormont, ON


8) Bon Echo Provincial Park

Situated in Cloyne, one can always hike to some beautiful points, hire a canoe to see native pictographs, visit beaches, and various other things in this astonishing park.

Price: $2 walk-in fee

Address: 16151 Hwy. 41, Cloyne, ON


9) Prince Edward County

This place is very famous for wineries and beautiful little shops doting it along the way. One main attraction here is Dead People’s Antiques which is definitely worth visiting.

Price: Free

Address: Prince Edward County, ON



10) Brockville, Ontario

The famous tunnel named Brockville railway tunnel has a light and sound show in 2020 which should not be missed.

Price: Free, donations accepted

Address:  1 Block House Island Rd., Brockville, ON


11) Vankleek Hill, Ontario

One can definitely get lost in the 7-acre corn maze, and the best part of it is that there are hidden mailboxes in the corn maze.


Price: $15 per person or $25 for two people

When: Saturdays & Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address: 63 Main St. W., Vankleek Hill, ON

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Nude Beach of Vancouver Has An Exposure Of COVID-19 Notice

Anushka Sharma




Wreck beach may be a hotspot when it comes to basking in the sun, but right now has unfortunately come under the radar of potential Covid19 exposure and is not recommended to visit. According to Vancouver Coastal Health, the nudist-friendly beach has had an exposure recently and also suggested for all the people who have visited it recently to have a close check on how their health is. B.C is also in the middle of a COVID spike, with the patients constituting the curve belonging from the age group of 20-29. This moment requires a lot of monitoring of one’s own health so that others are not in danger as well.

Vancouver has been recently seeing a lot of cases like these where the party goers aren’t really quarantined, however, if Canada somehow strengthens its laws by posing heavier fines, then it is only fair that the curve will eventually get flattened again.

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5 Best Indian Restaurants On Gerrard Street, Toronto

Komal Saini



Toronto is a beautiful city packed with infinite food options from diverse cuisines. One of the prominent cuisines it offers is South Asian (Indian/Pakistani) Cuisine. You can find too many Indian/Pakistani places all over the city, but do you know which ones are actually authentic? Well! The one simple answer is “Gerrard Street”.

Don’t worry if you are new to the name and don’t know which restaurants to try on Gerrard. The following are 5 must-try restaurants on Gerrard Street.


  • Moti Mahal Restaurant – This restaurant offers a wide variety of Indian foods and won’t even hurt your pocket. After trying Chole Bhature in different restaurants, I have come to the conclusion that Moti Mahar in Gerrard street has the yummiest Chole Bhature. I have also consulted other foodies and they agree. The chole taste almost tastes like the ones we use to get on “Thelas” in India. This restaurant also offers the tastiest vegetarian and nonvegetarian curries.



  • Desi Burger – This is one of those restaurants where you will always find a queue of people waiting to order. You will love the desi style burger from “Desi Burger”. There are 2 neighboring restaurants with the almost same name and they both offer these amazing burgers along with various other food items. They both offer different kinds of burgers including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We also get the one and only “ALOO TIKKI BURGER” there. Well, I like them both, hence, would day try both and choose your favorite.



  • Bombay Chowpatty– Indian Street Food appeared extinct to me before I visited “Bombay Chowpatty” in Gerrard Street. The beautiful blend of flavors reminded me of the same street, Vada Pao, we get in Mumbai. Not just Vada Pao, their entire street food section is amazing. I will also add one of the best “Chat Papdi” to their compliments list.


  • Lahore Tikka House – You will find this place full almost all the time. Biriani, being one of the famous delicacies of desi cuisine, deserves to be treated with utter respect. And, let me tell you “Lahore Tikka House” has done tremendously in this case. One of the best chicken Biryani you can find in Toronto. As it is obvious in their name, they also serve the most amazing Tikkas in Toronto. And, And, And, if you are lucky enough you will enjoy food with the amazing music playlist they play.


  • Udupi Palace – This place is 100% vegetarian and offers an amazing menu for your South-Indian food cravings. You have a plethora of options to choose from their Dosa list and you won’t be disappointed. I always make sure I go and have their “Chai”. 


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