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Top 10 Formal Clothing Stores in Toronto

Sharanya Shrivastava



Finding clothes for a black-tie occasion is not tough in Toronto. There are a lot of stores dedicated strictly to formal clothing, along with many popular retail shops having separate formal clothing departments for the customers to choose from. Be it a wedding, graduation or the much-awaited prom, a great tux or that perfect dress can be found with nearly no difficulty. The customers have an array of choices ranging from big brands to independent stores who curate local and small scale designers. Here are the top 10 formal clothing stores in Toronto for your next shopping spree:

  1. Madeline’s: This store is a dream come true for your inner princess. The store houses major brands like Jovani and Tadashi Sohi, among many others. The dresses here have all the lace, tulle and delicate embroidery and embellishments, and there is something so charming about them that they hit all the right glamour notes.
  2. Lost and Found: This is by far the most sought-after men’s clothing store in Toronto. They provide online services as well, which have received excellent reviews from customers. They have a wide variety of clothes to select from, and the staff is very friendly, prompt and supportive.
  3. Pearls and Pockets: For those of you interested in the fashion of the 50’s and ’60s, this place is perfect. The store is jam-packed with beaded and fringed dresses. The work on them is so beautiful and detailed, it will surely be hard to resist taking everything home. A small section in the store contains authentic vintage pieces; a true delight for collectors and enthusiasts.
  4. Andrew’s Formal Rentals: In case you don’t have the budget to get a new tux, or need it for one occasion only and are not keen on buying it, this place is godsent. This store is especially popular among wedding parties and groomsmen. The staff is efficient and friendly, which is a great help in case you are in a hurry. If there are any problems with the fittings, they are remedied in time and effectively. The rates are reasonable, which is always a welcome feature.
  5. Rent Frock Repeat: Looking like a movie star at the big event is no more a problem. This place houses the most sought-after labels and rents them at a fraction of the original price. Dresses from designers like David Dixon and Greta Constantine will make you look like you’ve just walked out of a fashion magazine. The store offers an imaginative range of dresses at affordable prices, which is a total win.
  6. Carmen’s Designs: This store offers formal clothing for girls and boys in all sizes. Finding formals for children and young teens can be a tough and tricky business, but this place makes the process so much easier. They have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. The store can easily be browsed through, which makes finding the perfect outfit a lot easier. The reasonable prices will make you come back again for the next big event.
  7. Original: This clothing store surely lives up to its name. At display here is such a huge range of colors and patterns, that selecting one may be a trickier business than imagined. This place has shoes, handbags, and other accessories along with clothes, which will help put together a look meant for the runway.
  8. John Ferrigamo Custom Designs: Boasting of experience in clothe-making of nearly 35 years, this store is perfect for those who like formals made to fit. An appointment can be obtained easily, and the staff is well trained and very welcoming. The process of choosing the right fabric and getting it stitched in a desired pattern and fit will leave you with a piece that is uniquely yours.
  9. Saks Fifth Avenue: Housing the highest of high-end brands, this place screams luxury and glamour. It has the most famous designers like Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa on display, which makes walking into the store feel like walking into a Vogue magazine. This place is ideal for getting a dress for a red carpet event.
  10. Black Bow Formalwear and Suits: In case you forgot to get a suit for that big event, you can stop by and rent a suit here at the last minute. This store specializes in sales and rentals of men’s formal wear. They provide rentals and sales for tuxedos for events such as weddings, confirmations, communions, black tie events and other things of that nature where formal wear is needed.

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Netflix Revealed All the Ontario Locations that Are Secretly Used For ‘Ginny & Georgia’

Revia Bali



Season 2 of the show is filming now, and some Toronto neighborhoods made a special appearance! 

Like many famous Netflix shows, you might wonder that Ginny and Georgia must be filming in the suburbs of the United States, but it is filming in Ontario’s small towns.


Netflix just revealed the list of the secret locations in Ontario where the hit TV series is filming, and if you wish, you can visit these places as well. 


In North York, Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute only had minor cosmetic changes to become Ginny’s high school.


Most Season 1 was shot in Cobourg, including at the Victoria Park bandshell, where the mayor wins the election in the season finale.


Some King Street shops got a new name, like The El, which appears as the Blue Farm Cafe where Joe works.


Like Audrey’s in Town Fashion, other stores were left unchanged on the picturesque street.


Ginny And Georgia start with Ginny, a 15-year-old, and her mother, Georgia, 30 years old, along with her son Austin moving to New England Town to start their life fresh. Ginny is more mature in personality than her mom, who takes things lightly and keeps making bad decisions.


Ginny And Georgia season one was released on February 24, 2021, on Netflix. The second season is renewed for release on Netflix in 2022. For any updates about the new season, keep an eye on Netflix and what announcements they have to make. 


Even though it is a comedy-drama, there is a lot you can see as

the 10-episode series. This show has crime, love, betrayal, and friendship drama. Because of the fantastic response to the show, the show’s renewal for another season was made. We will update you when any announcements about Ginny

And Georgia is made.


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Five Things To Do In Ottawa This Summer



things to do in Ottawa

Ottawa, among the busiest cities in the world, is a multicultural place and also a travelers’ paradise. Known for its festivals, activities, and various other events; this city lights up during the summer. We have made a list of activities that you must definitely engage in the next time you visit here. Explore the best things to do in Ottawa here.

Check Out The List Of Things To Do In Ottawa!

Well, your search ends here! We have picked the list of best things that you must try in Ottawa this summer. Scroll now!

Outdoor Fairs

The clear skies and sunshine are the perfect excuse to check out the outdoor fairs in this city. You can go to many fairs that take place in the city like The Capital Fair. It includes a petting zoo, water sports show, concerts, and other activities during this season. Be it vintage clothing, local souvenirs, or great food to the brightly colored flowers; these fairs of Ottawa offer an amazing experience which you will never forget

Perform yoga at the Parliament Hill

All you need is a yoga mat, sunscreen, and some water and you are golden. You will get a rare opportunity here to perform yoga right in front of the Parliament Hill lawn. Nothing can get better than this especially with the warmth of the sun’s rays making your day even more exhilarating and bright.

Music Festival

Summer is the perfect time when the music aficionados come out with their guitars, drums, and other musical instruments. Ottawa is known for some of the biggest music festivals in the world, especially during the summertime. Since Canada is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation, you will get to hear the sounds and voices of different cultures and languages. They all amalgamate together during these festivals. You will get to hear both local and international artists of repute. Along with the most popular festivals during summer is the RBC Bluffest that is held every year in June-July.

Outdoor Markets

One of the most popular in Ottawa is the outdoor markets that come here during the summer. With a number of markets for food, clothing, and other stuff available at a cheap bargain, it is one of the best places to be frequented by one and all. It is both a local farmer’s market and a place for artisans to sell their artwork. These markets are extremely popular among tourists and businesses alike. So if you are planning to come to Ottawa then you must spend some time here and buy souvenirs that would be a good way to remember this trip as.

Art Festival

A city known for its enthusiasms and interest when it comes to art, Ottawa has several art galleries where annual festivals are held with much pomp and fanfare. Check out the Ottawa Art Gallery as has a really wide-ranging collection of Canadian and international art. Plus then you can enjoy the authentic feel of Canadian art while basking in its ambiance and history.


Ottawa has undoubtedly become one of the cultural hubs of the world because of its multi-cultural outlook. It is a city that reveals its vibrant colors, especially during the summer season. There are just too many activities that happen during this time of the year. While it may not be possible to be a part of them all, we strongly recommend that you check out the places mentioned in this list before you leave Ottawa.


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Best Places To Learn Ice Skating In Toronto



Ice Skating In Toronto

Skating season in a place like Toronto gets super busy especially with the onset of winter. First-timers always need some time and practice to master this sport and as such we have come up with a list of the best places to learn ice skating in Toronto so that they can have the opportunity to learn everything they want about the sport, regardless of what their skill level is.

Know The Best Ice Skating Places In Toronto

Are you planning to learn ice skating in Toronto? If yes, you are in the right place. Check out the best ice skating places that will make you learn in the best way.

Harbour Front

Harbour Front has over 100 programs for beginners as well as novice Ice skaters which will help you sharpen your skills. Located near the Natrel’s outdoor lakeside rink, it has everything you need including facilities like rental gears, heated change rooms, and lockers. It runs programs for skaters across all age groups apart from giving specialized private lessons. However, there can be cancellations due to weather-related causes since it is an outdoor rink.

North Toronto Skating Club

Located within the boundaries of a massive park near Yonge and Eglinton, the North Toronto Skating club is known for training beginners for a lifetime in ice skating. It trains rookie skaters across ages however their programs might be a bit expensive. They not only train you well also allow you to participate in several competitions to hone your skills in this sport. They also provide private lessons but only if you are a member of the club.

Breakaway Skating Institute

Breakaway Skating Institute is certainly among the best places to learn ice skating in Toronto. It provides you the chance to get accustomed not only to ice skating but also to other sports of similar nature. They provide group classes for all age groups in their two skating rinks which allow multiple people to use their facilities.

Forest Hill Figure Skating Club

The Forest Hill Figure Skating Club specializes in training its patrons on figure skating, allowing skating enthusiasts to register for fall/winter classes as well as year-round camps. They provide group lessons as well as private training across age groups at reasonable rates.

Seneca College

Seneca College allows beginners across all age groups to take an introductory program on skating at very affordable rates. The best part about their training program is that they offer a chance for those interested in the sport to train and sharpen their skating skills at two massive sports training facilities.

Future Stars Arena

This arena is certainly one of the best places to learn ice skating in Toronto with 5 massive rinks, They offer private and group classes for all age groups to allow rookies to get a grip of the sport at rates that may not be dirt cheap but are pretty reasonable.


Toronto is among the best cities for ice skating enthusiasts. Learning Ice skating can be a learning as well as a fun-filled experience if you are able to find a good training institute with the right set of trainers to start your love affair with the sport. Pick one of the best places for ice skating in Toronto now!

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