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Hi everyone, I have recently moved to Canada for a 1-year certificate course at Humber College North Campus and would like to share my experience through this beautiful platform Life of Canada.

So, I am enrolled in Jan intake having classes from 6th January and today was an orientation day.Orientation was around 11 AM but I came around 8 AM as my brother in law was leaving for office and as it was my first day so thought it will be convenient for me if someone drops.

So at first, my brother in law took my pic while dropping me outside the college, I was excited as from being a professor in my previous country I was moving back to student life. Moving ahead, I entered the college, interacted with the helpdesk, found a few volunteers to help new students. A guy named Chris took us to the place where we need to reach for orientation. There I saw many students from all over the world, few I could sense that is from my country so I started introducing my self to them, later on, we end up making a group of 5, couple of guys from Amritsar and Gujrat and 2 girls from Hydrabad and Moga. All were having different course but it was nice spending 2-3 hours with them discussing the experiences we all had in the new country till now.In around 11 we got into the opening ceremony, within 30 mins seats were full, in fact, lots of students could not get a place to sit or even enter the auditorium. There were 1000s of International students who were attending and what I liked the most was that all the management was done by volunteer students of the college. The orientation session went nice followed by faculty session which was very interesting. I liked the way we interacted with our faculty, I did ask many questions and felt positive about selecting this college for myself.After the session, I did end up making a few friends from my country. We had lots of talks and spent time in Tim Hortons of Humber college. All went pretty well till now, then the time came to go back to the home through the bus for the first time. Halfway through all went pretty nice and from the place, I supposed to change bus I lost myself due to my phone battery died.Imagine in cold weather around evening time in totally a new place I was completely lost and had no way to either call anyone or even see the google maps. Though I was not afraid only thing that was making me worry was if my sis tries to call me and finds my phone switched off she will get tensed which I did not want. This was the moment in which I actually felt I have come too far from my home so I was figuring it out how to reach home now. There was a bus stop, I waited there for like 20 mins but no bus came, then I saw on the signboard that the bus which supposed to come here is of different number than I supposed to take. So I started walking with a guess and found an Asian guy who helped me telling me the directions of home. It was like 2.2Kms from there so I thought better to walk rather finding a bus route and I kept walking for like 50 mins and could not find anything similar to what I was seeing around house.I was in doubt but kept walking and walking until I found one more guy who again checked the location on the map and told me I am going in the opposite direction. I was hell tired and that effort in the wrong direction and thought of giving stress to my sis annoyed me a lot and I just started moving towards the location. Soon I saw the curve which we used to cross while going home and I started running after seeing that. I guess that took further 30-40 mins to reach but that moment was so satisfactory. I was like now I am getting the feel of a new country.So once I reached home, I was so sweaty, changed, relaxed, had a meal and was laughing with the incident on my day 1 of the college. It was a small incident, let’s see what more I experience in my journey here.

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