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Around 70,000 Summer Jobs Posted by The Government of Canada

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The Government of Canada has listed around 70k jobs in its portal.

Today, the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) 2020 officially taken a step, with the goal of providing thousands of summer jobs to Canadians aged 15 to 31. If you were looking for a way to earn some cash this summer, look no further


The Canadian government wants to help you find a job and you can use the job bank portal to see the newly listed jobs and can also find the special COVID 19 essential jobs.


Login at this job search portal and start finding a job for you now.

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How to Find a Job in Canada ? Here is the Guide

Manpreet Singh



Find jobs in Canada

If you are failed to find a job in Canada and wondering what steps you are missing or doing wrong,dont worry, here we are with the complete guide which will help you find work here. Here I am writing the best 6 things you must care of while applying for job in Canada.


1.Setup your resume in a way Canadians like

The resume format in Canada must contain (in this order):

1. Your contact information
2. Professional / career information
3. Work experience (Add extra details if it’s related to the job you are applying)
4. Education / professional development

Where available, you may also add technical skills and volunteer experience/community involvement.



2. Do not bomb your resume/cv to many companies

One of the most common mistakes people seeking jobs are doing is bombing their same resume or cover letter to so many different companies. Most companies have hired 3rd party networks to handle the applications and there are chances that the same 3rd party company will receive your application for different job applications. Be selective in your job search and apply for a job you feel you are the right candidate for, do not form an attitude of I can do any job anywhere.


3. Be enthusiastic

Make sure you have a contact for the company and follow up within a week of submitting your resume to show your interest. “Thank-you” emails after an interview set you apart from other candidates applying for jobs in Canada. These marginal gains can add up to getting a job in Canada.


4. Use the resources available to you

Websites such as LinkedIn or Indeed are the best tools to look for a job. The Linkedin tool for professionals is effective in your online resume and network building. Recruiters and employers are using this tool every day to source candidates for jobs in Canada. Further, you will find lots of job listings in indeed website.


5. Get your qualification accredited (If required)

Your profession may require your foreign qualifications to be accredited in Canada. Professions such as teaching, physiotherapy, nursing, and social work, among others, usually require additional accreditation. This process can take a while, so be prepared.


6 Be confident and active

Moving to a new country is a challenge. Finding jobs in Canada when you have to build your support network from scratch is not that easy as it looks from far. So just be confident, it is tough but very much possible.

Also check in with your local library, as many host regular sessions with tips for getting jobs in your area.




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