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Netflix Revealed All the Ontario Locations that Are Secretly Used For ‘Ginny & Georgia’



Season 2 of the show is filming now, and some Toronto neighborhoods made a special appearance! 

Like many famous Netflix shows, you might wonder that Ginny and Georgia must be filming in the suburbs of the United States, but it is filming in Ontario’s small towns.


Netflix just revealed the list of the secret locations in Ontario where the hit TV series is filming, and if you wish, you can visit these places as well. 


In North York, Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute only had minor cosmetic changes to become Ginny’s high school.


Most Season 1 was shot in Cobourg, including at the Victoria Park bandshell, where the mayor wins the election in the season finale.


Some King Street shops got a new name, like The El, which appears as the Blue Farm Cafe where Joe works.


Like Audrey’s in Town Fashion, other stores were left unchanged on the picturesque street.


Ginny And Georgia start with Ginny, a 15-year-old, and her mother, Georgia, 30 years old, along with her son Austin moving to New England Town to start their life fresh. Ginny is more mature in personality than her mom, who takes things lightly and keeps making bad decisions.


Ginny And Georgia season one was released on February 24, 2021, on Netflix. The second season is renewed for release on Netflix in 2022. For any updates about the new season, keep an eye on Netflix and what announcements they have to make. 


Even though it is a comedy-drama, there is a lot you can see as

the 10-episode series. This show has crime, love, betrayal, and friendship drama. Because of the fantastic response to the show, the show’s renewal for another season was made. We will update you when any announcements about Ginny

And Georgia is made.


I am a writer and filmmaker from the beautiful and romantic mountains of Kashmir. Currently I am residing in Toronto and surviving this pandemic with hopes of being positive for most days. Whenever I am not reading or drinking chai, you will find me either hiking or daydreaming about chai. Also people who call chai "chai tea" freak me out because you are just saying tea tea.

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Entertainer Kal Penn to Play Toronto Raptors Superfan in the New Film



Hollywood entertainer Kal Penn is getting ready to play Toronto Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia on the big screen. The news originally broke in a restrictive report by Deadline however was subsequently affirmed via online media by the two players.


“Superfan is going Hollywood,” Bhatia said on Twitter. 


“Eager to have Kal Penn accept playing me in the new biopic!!”


“I cannot trust all of this. I’m stunned and I’m respected!


Bhatia went to his first Raptors game in 1995 after the group joined the NBA and recently let CTV News Toronto know that he became “addicted”. In more than 25 years, Bhatia has never missed a home game.

He is likewise known for giving many Raptors passes to individuals from the Sikh people group including countless youngsters, to observe Vaisakhi, the Sikh new year.


In May, he became one of the main fans to at any point be respected at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Penn, who is known for his jobs on “House,” “Assigned Survivor,” and “Harold and Kumar,” took to Twitter to say that he is “very invigorated” to carry Bhatia’s story to Hollywood.

“Heaps of us are b-ball fans, however, there’s just one (Nav Bhatia),” he added.


“His account of determination and solidarity is staggering and I’m really eager to carry his super fan story to the (super?) big screen.”


Other than the way that the film is being delivered by Stampede Ventures, not many different subtleties have been delivered openly.

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Air Travelers Must Have A Negative Covid-19 Test Before Arrival In Canada



All passengers who are traveling to Canada aged five years and above will need to take negative Covid-19 test results before they can set foot in the country. This ruling will be implemented starting from the 7th of January.

This decision was announced by Transport Minister Marc Garneau on Thursday. The federal government is introducing this rule in an effort to control the rising number of Coronavirus cases within the country over the past few days. Canada ended the year 2020 with around 8400 new Corona cases on the 31st of December.

Additional Restrictions To Curb The Spread Of Corona

Passengers will have to obtain a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to their scheduled time and date of departure. PCR tests are treated as the gold standard for detecting even minute traces of Coronavirus within the body.

The minister has been in constant touch with Canadian airline companies in this regard. He also mentioned that the government had zeroed down on January 7th as the starting date for implementing this rule keeping in mind the concerns of the airline companies. They believe that a week’s time will be sufficient for all major airlines traveling to Canada to make the necessary arrangements.

These rules will be enforced in a very strict manner for passengers across the board. People will be permitted to board the plane only after they are able to produce the relevant documentation showing negative Covid-19 results. In case someone fails to get their testing done in spite of the availability of clinics at the place of departure, they will have to reschedule their flights.

14-day Quarantine Still Compulsory

This decision to implement pre-departure corona testing is in addition to the existing rules and regulations to prevent the influx of new cases from outside the country. Already the government has made it mandatory for all airline passengers from outside the country to enter into 14-day quarantine on arrival.

The government is also making additional efforts to boost surveillance of those arriving from abroad during their quarantine period. This is being done to ensure that travelers are strictly abiding by the rules of quarantine. In case anyone violates the rules of the Quarantine Act, they are liable for strict punishment which can include hefty fines of up to 750000 Canadian Dollars or six months in prison.

If someone is traveling to Canada, the passengers will have to inform the federal government officials in advance of their quarantine plans in the country. however, anyone who does not have adequate isolation arrangements will have to enter into mandatory quarantine in federal facilities.

Problems In Implementation?

The National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) has pointed out that the timeframe of one week is not adequate. The President and CEO of NACC, Mike McNaney has also mentioned that lack of information and guidance to implement the policies in compliance with government regulations will cause a lot of problems both for airlines and passengers.


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Canada’s new Food Guide’s Recommendations On Healthy Eating



“you are what you eat”

We all have heard this quote, and we all are aware that it is a notion that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food.

Depending on what kind of food we are consuming and the contents of that food, we are affecting our nutrient levels and overall, our health. On average, the human body is 6% minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients, 16% fat, 16% protein, and 62% water. Of-course these percentages vary for every person depending on diet and lifestyle. 

Thus by eating a variety of healthy food every-day, your diet will provide you adequate nutrition and to have this kind of adequate nutrition Canada’s new food guide’s recommendation on healthy eating may help you a lot in being mindful of your eating habits.

Being aware that food marketing can influence your choices is important to monitor food consumption.

The Canada new food guide has a say on it that the more you eat vegetables and fruits, whole-grain foods, and protein foods, the less saturated fat gets a deposit in your body. Limiting high processed food should be a priority. They say “eat them less often and in small amounts”

Generally, when we are out on an office team lunch or maybe lunch with the family. We end up eating junk food rather than choosing something healthier. But we shouldn’t forget that our health is the priority to keep us going in life.

As of now, Canadians are encouraged to follow three guidelines on what to eat regularly, what to avoid, and the importance of cooking and preparing meals at home. It is really important that we immediately join this path by following the same and to do that we need to know what Canada’s new food guide is suggesting to follow.

Canada’s Official Food Rules were developed by the Nutrition Division of the federal government in collaboration with the Canadian Council on Nutrition to Meet the needs for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Also reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and osteoporosis.

To have a habit of healthy eating, they suggest-

  1. Cooking more often and planning the meal by involving others in planning and preparing the healthy meal.
  2. Noticing the timings of eating meals to keep a check on when you are hungry and when you are full.
  3. Slow eating and taking time to chew the food properly.
  4. Including traditional and cultural food as a part of healthy eating.
  5. Sharing the meal, eating the meal with family and friends.

Along with this, they also suggest eating a variety of healthy food each day and replacing the sugary drink that we usually prefer with our meals with water.

Another obsession we carry over-processed food( for Example- sugary drinks, Chocolate, Candies, fast food like French fries and burgers, bakery products) knowing that they are not a part of a healthy eating pattern as they add excess sodium, sugars, or saturated fats to the diet.

But we should also be fully aware that they can increase the risk of chronic diseases as higher sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure followed by heart disease and in the same way sugar can also increase the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

How to limit it?

  • Eat less and in small amounts
  • Replacing it with healthier option (for example- sugar can be replaced with jaggery, making home-made versions of muffins and cookies)
  • Stocking the kitchen with healthier options (for example- nuts, fruits, eggs)
  • Limiting the uses of seasonings and ketchup in food.
  • Checking the food label when grocery shopping to make the right choice.


In Canada, a new food guide also focuses on monitoring: –

How, Why, What, When, and where you eat.

They say that being mindful can help us in making healthier choices and in making positive changes to the routine eating patterns. And to be one! they gave us a solution for it, please see the classification below-

How to be mindful of your eating habits

  • Regardless of where you are, try to make changes to your surroundings so that the healthy choice is the easy choice.
  • Pay attention to your likes and dislikes using these senses. This may help connect you to your eating experience and be more conscious of the food you are eating.
  • Describe to yourself what you ate? Why did you eat? When did you eat? And how much you ate?

Be mindful because you can be!

Not only this, the Canada new food guide provided the healthy eating pattern which is a perfect regime for our body to stay healthy and active-

  • Whole grain food- whole grain pasta, quinoa, oats.
  • Vegetable and fruits- apples, broccoli, carrots
  • Protein- pulses, low-fat yogurt, and nuts


Balance is what we need in our bodies and to have a balance we need to have a balanced life along with a balanced diet which will lead to a balanced human being. In the food world, there should not be fear and guilt rather only joy and balance. So, make a healthy choice today!

Eat healthily, eat safely!


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