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Day 1 at Humber College – Orientation Experience and Getting Lost in the Streets – Blog



Hi everyone, I have recently moved to Canada for a 1-year certificate course at Humber College North Campus and would like to share my experience through this beautiful platform Life of Canada.

So, I am enrolled in Jan intake having classes from 6th January and today was an orientation day.Orientation was around 11 AM but I came around 8 AM as my brother in law was leaving for office and as it was my first day so thought it will be convenient for me if someone drops.

So at first, my brother in law took my pic while dropping me outside the college, I was excited as from being a professor in my previous country I was moving back to student life. Moving ahead, I entered the college, interacted with the helpdesk, found a few volunteers to help new students. A guy named Chris took us to the place where we need to reach for orientation. There I saw many students from all over the world, few I could sense that is from my country so I started introducing my self to them, later on, we end up making a group of 5, couple of guys from Amritsar and Gujrat and 2 girls from Hydrabad and Moga. All were having different course but it was nice spending 2-3 hours with them discussing the experiences we all had in the new country till now.In around 11 we got into the opening ceremony, within 30 mins seats were full, in fact, lots of students could not get a place to sit or even enter the auditorium. There were 1000s of International students who were attending and what I liked the most was that all the management was done by volunteer students of the college. The orientation session went nice followed by faculty session which was very interesting. I liked the way we interacted with our faculty, I did ask many questions and felt positive about selecting this college for myself.After the session, I did end up making a few friends from my country. We had lots of talks and spent time in Tim Hortons of Humber college. All went pretty well till now, then the time came to go back to the home through the bus for the first time. Halfway through all went pretty nice and from the place, I supposed to change bus I lost myself due to my phone battery died.Imagine in cold weather around evening time in totally a new place I was completely lost and had no way to either call anyone or even see the google maps. Though I was not afraid only thing that was making me worry was if my sis tries to call me and finds my phone switched off she will get tensed which I did not want. This was the moment in which I actually felt I have come too far from my home so I was figuring it out how to reach home now. There was a bus stop, I waited there for like 20 mins but no bus came, then I saw on the signboard that the bus which supposed to come here is of different number than I supposed to take. So I started walking with a guess and found an Asian guy who helped me telling me the directions of home. It was like 2.2Kms from there so I thought better to walk rather finding a bus route and I kept walking for like 50 mins and could not find anything similar to what I was seeing around house.I was in doubt but kept walking and walking until I found one more guy who again checked the location on the map and told me I am going in the opposite direction. I was hell tired and that effort in the wrong direction and thought of giving stress to my sis annoyed me a lot and I just started moving towards the location. Soon I saw the curve which we used to cross while going home and I started running after seeing that. I guess that took further 30-40 mins to reach but that moment was so satisfactory. I was like now I am getting the feel of a new country.So once I reached home, I was so sweaty, changed, relaxed, had a meal and was laughing with the incident on my day 1 of the college. It was a small incident, let’s see what more I experience in my journey here.

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Five Things To Do In Ottawa This Summer



things to do in Ottawa

Ottawa, among the busiest cities in the world, is a multicultural place and also a travelers’ paradise. Known for its festivals, activities, and various other events; this city lights up during the summer. We have made a list of activities that you must definitely engage in the next time you visit here. Explore the best things to do in Ottawa here.

Check Out The List Of Things To Do In Ottawa!

Well, your search ends here! We have picked the list of best things that you must try in Ottawa this summer. Scroll now!

Outdoor Fairs

The clear skies and sunshine are the perfect excuse to check out the outdoor fairs in this city. You can go to many fairs that take place in the city like The Capital Fair. It includes a petting zoo, water sports show, concerts, and other activities during this season. Be it vintage clothing, local souvenirs, or great food to the brightly colored flowers; these fairs of Ottawa offer an amazing experience which you will never forget

Perform yoga at the Parliament Hill

All you need is a yoga mat, sunscreen, and some water and you are golden. You will get a rare opportunity here to perform yoga right in front of the Parliament Hill lawn. Nothing can get better than this especially with the warmth of the sun’s rays making your day even more exhilarating and bright.

Music Festival

Summer is the perfect time when the music aficionados come out with their guitars, drums, and other musical instruments. Ottawa is known for some of the biggest music festivals in the world, especially during the summertime. Since Canada is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation, you will get to hear the sounds and voices of different cultures and languages. They all amalgamate together during these festivals. You will get to hear both local and international artists of repute. Along with the most popular festivals during summer is the RBC Bluffest that is held every year in June-July.

Outdoor Markets

One of the most popular in Ottawa is the outdoor markets that come here during the summer. With a number of markets for food, clothing, and other stuff available at a cheap bargain, it is one of the best places to be frequented by one and all. It is both a local farmer’s market and a place for artisans to sell their artwork. These markets are extremely popular among tourists and businesses alike. So if you are planning to come to Ottawa then you must spend some time here and buy souvenirs that would be a good way to remember this trip as.

Art Festival

A city known for its enthusiasms and interest when it comes to art, Ottawa has several art galleries where annual festivals are held with much pomp and fanfare. Check out the Ottawa Art Gallery as has a really wide-ranging collection of Canadian and international art. Plus then you can enjoy the authentic feel of Canadian art while basking in its ambiance and history.


Ottawa has undoubtedly become one of the cultural hubs of the world because of its multi-cultural outlook. It is a city that reveals its vibrant colors, especially during the summer season. There are just too many activities that happen during this time of the year. While it may not be possible to be a part of them all, we strongly recommend that you check out the places mentioned in this list before you leave Ottawa.


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Best Job Agencies In Ottawa To Help You Find Job



job agencies in Ottawa

A metropolis like Ottawa is burgeoning with people looking to find employment opportunities. This city is also mushrooming with several employment agencies to cater to the needs of this population segment. These agencies are providing vital information related to full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs available in and around Ottawa. Scroll the best job agencies in Ottawa here!

Explore The Best Job Agencies In Ottawa!

The process of finding employment has become much more simplified with the presence of these recruitment agencies who act as a perfect bridge between employers and prospective employees. So we have curated our own list of best Job agencies in Ottawa to help you find suitable employment:

Stevenson & White

Stevenson & White is a Canadian employment agency located within Ottawa. Their specialty is to provide career opportunities for people interested to work in sectors like payroll, accounting, and finance. They have a roster of several organisations who regularly post new job vacancies related to the field of finance and accounting. Their services also include areas like career coaching, resume writing, and training modules to prepare for job interviews

Local Staffing

Local Staffing also one of the many Ottawa-based recruitment agencies. They provide work opportunities to professionals interested applying in the fields of manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics. They provide full time, part-time and contract-based jobs for prospective candidates. Their level of expertise in this field truly makes them one of the best Job agencies in Ottawa.

Keynote Group

Keynote Group is a reputed job agency based in Ottawa that offers a number of services to companies (big, medium or small) in areas like executive search, headhunting and recruitment across the country. It also offers help to proepective job seekers when it comes to things like career counseling, resume building as well as preparation for interviews and group discussions.


Eagle has built a formidable reputation as a staffing agency around Ottawa and the rest of the country. Their areas of expertise include fields like recruiting Information Technology (IT), Management Consulting, Finance as well as accounting. They are mainly looking for people who can work for these organizations on a full-time or contract basis. Their commendable work in the field of recruitment certainly makes them one of the best Job agencies in Ottawa

Express Employment Professionals

A staffing agency working in the field of recruitment for the past thirty years. Express Employment Professionals has done remarkable work in providing quality staffing and human resource services to various businesses as well as job seekers within and outside Canada. They offer full time, part-time, and contract-based employment for prospective candidates. They also help them ace those interviews with the help of services like career coaching, resume building, and preparation for job interviews.


There are many recruitment-based companies in and around Ottawa who have provided valuable services to organisations around the country by helping them recruit candidates. We hope that our list of best Job agencies in Ottawa helps both employers and employees find what they are looking for.

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Best sites/apps To search and Buy A Home In Canada



Buying a home could never have been easier!!! As the real estate market has shifted the bulk of its business to the online mode, it has led to much more transparency and convenience both for builders and their customers. The Canadian Real Estate market is no different and there are plenty of businesses who have made their mark here. We have made a list of the best sites/apps to search and buy a home in Canada which will hopefully assist in your search for a dream house.

Buy A Home In Canada!

Are you looking for a home in Canada? If yes, these apps will help you to choose a perfect dream house. Scroll now!

One of the most user-friendly platforms for potential home buyers, has plenty of features to help you explore the right kind of properties from umpteen listings across Canada. It has a feature named ‘property tour’ that provides a map to help you find listed properties.


One of the best sites/apps to search and buy a home in Canada, Zoocasa makes searching and viewing properties by location much more convenient. When you tap on a property listing, the app gives you all relevant details and even helps you book a visit to the site.

Walk Score

Walk Score helps you get details not only about the property but also the neighborhood. It also gives information like nearby amenities to find a home that suits your needs. This app is an ideal supplement to the earlier two because of the additional information it is able to provide efficiently.

Magic Plan

This App is mainly built for realtors as it allows them to make 3D floor plans and also choose from various types of interior designs and furniture combinations to give your buyer the best possible view.


Undoubtedly one of the best sites/apps to search and buy a home in Canada, Zillow allows you to compare prices with estimates and tax history that are sourced from public records. It helps you make an informed choice based on information like foreclosure, ownership details, age of the property, and other necessary details. It also has an inbuilt calculator to tell you the estimated mortgage payments. You can also know the affordability of this property by entering your income and debt obligations in the app.


Trulia is an app that lets you know about crucial details like the size of the property, its cost, mortgage estimates, etc. to help you choose the best option. It also helps you compare homes by providing information about local areas, their crime rates, prices of nearby properties, etc. as well allows in ease of decision making.


HomeFinder has to be on the list of the best sites/apps to search and buy a home in Canada. It helps you get details like the age of the property, floor size; tax paid, and estimates for monthly expenses. It also allows you to search for properties by using the ZIP code.


Buying a house can be a daunting challenge because of the amount of financial commitment involved. So we really hope that our list of the best sites/apps to search and buy a home in Canada helps you find what you are looking for.

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